Alarm Unit

The City of Garland requires alarm system users to obtain an alarm permit from the Garland Police Department.

What an Alarm System Does

An alarm system is a piece of equipment which emits, transmits or relays a signal intended to summon, or that would reasonably be expected to summon, Police Department services, Fire Department services or Fire Department emergency medical services including, but not limited to, local alarms. A person commits an offense if he operates or causes to be operated by an alarm system without an alarm permit issued by the Garland Police Department. It is your responsibility to obtain a permit for your alarm system, not your alarm company.


Operating an alarm system without a valid permit can result in fines up to $500. The Alarm Unit is charged with the responsibility to:

  • Failure to Obtain a Valid Permit
  • Identify Abusers
  • Issue Fines and Citations for Excessive Alarms
  • Non-Payment of False Alarm Fees in Accordance with the City of Garland Alarm Ordinance
  • Process Alarm Permits
  • Track Frequent False Alarms and Any Other Problems Associated with Alarm Responses

Obtaining an Alarm Permit

To obtain an alarm permit application:

To obtain a copy of the Alarm Ordinance contact the Alarm Unit at 972-205-1658.

Additional Information