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Rick Oden Skate Park "The Boneyard"


Our projects and initiatives are based on the 2019 Bond Program and with your input via surveys and public meetings, which assisted in developing our 2019 Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Master Plan. 


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Central Park Playground with slide and other platforms with spinner seat in the middle


One of the key findings in our 2019 Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Master Plan was the need for more playgrounds and improvements to existing parks. Below you find playground projects that were completed and opened in October 2021. These playgrounds were designed with an overall focus on adventure and fitness, providing curiosity-provoking structures and inclusive play options to promote physical development and mobility for children of all ages and abilities.

Bob Hall Park - Bob Hall Park playground is 6,000 square feet and contains poured-in-place rubberized surfacing, which allows full mobility throughout the whole playground. The improvements also include two extensive climbing elements, a swing set (2 individual, 1 shell seat), a spinner bowl, balance elements, and ADA accessible carousel. For more about the park, visit the Bob Hall Park page.

Lou Huff Park - Lou Huff Park playground is 7,500 square feet and contains poured-in-place rubberized surfacing. The improvements also include a zipline course, swing set, slide, seesaw, musical instrument/learning wall panels, and multiple motion elements, including a large global motion spinner. For more about the park, visit the Lou Huff Park page.

Douglas Park - Douglas Park playground is 4,500 square feet geometric play structure that contains poured-in-place rubberized surfacing. The improvements also include a swing set, spinner, climbing play structure for ages 5 to 12. The existing trees provide ample shade for the playground as well. For more about the park, visit the Douglas Park page.


For more information about other playground projects, visit the Playgrounds Bond Project webpage.

The City of Garland hosted a public meeting at the South Garland Library on Thursday, January 18, to explore ideas for enhancing Wynn Joyce Park located at 2222 Oates Road. 

The project for improving Wynn Joyce Park was introduced in early fall 2023, involving public meetings and an extensive input period where residents shared their ideas for the amenity situated on Lake Ray Hubbard. During the January 18 meeting, City officials presented their findings based on public feedback and surveys, unveiling a concept plan. Given its existing landscapes and expansive fields, Wynn Joyce Park holds potential for various activities, programming, and preservation.

The Link is a copy of the presentation.


Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Strategic Master Plan

This plan, along with $117 million from the 2019 Bond Program approved by the citizens of Garland, lays the groundwork and direction for the City of Garland to achieve this vision. Implementation of this plan will transform Garland’s parks and facilities from outdated and under-maintained facilities to modern spaces and places that allow residents and visitors to realize this vision. Our Garland identifies the vision, mission, core values, goals, objectives, and strategies to lead the City Council and the Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department (PRCAD) over the next ten years. This strategic direction is based upon extensive public and staff engagement at all levels. Over 2,400 stakeholders were engaged through the master planning process to identify the vision for the future and the priorities conveyed in this plan.

Download the 2019 Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department Master Plan (PDF).

Download the Strategic Master Plan - Appendices (PDF)

Garland Aquatics Master Plan & Survey

This project was focused on identifying the needs of all of our pools and aquatic facilities throughout our park system. In 2019, you voted and awarded $20 million dollars to be allocated for Aquatics Facilities in the City of Garland’s 2019 Bond Program. For more updates, visit the Garland Aquatics Program Bond Project webpage.

Download the complete 2020 Garland Aquatics Master Plan (PDF).


This project plan will provide a vision to guide the future development, operations and programs of the City’s trails and bikeways system. This is not just for Parks, but for the whole City. For more information, visit our Trails Master Plan page or follow along on the construction and project scope by visiting the Trails Development Bond Project webpage.

2021 City of Garland Trails and Bikeways Master Plan (PDF)


The development phase of Rick Oden Park and the Skatepark is currently underway. 

For more updates, visit the Rick Oden Park Bond Project webpage.

A collage of pictures of playground amenities like playground, pavilion, trail bridge, and …


Everyone is creative! The City of Garland is working on an Arts and Culture Master Plan that finds ways that it can support the arts and creative expression for all residents. Please fill out this short survey to tell us about the kinds of arts and cultural activities you’re interested in. 

Download the City of Garland Arts and Culture Master Plan (PDF).

Garland Cultural Arts Master Plan


Visit and review the complete allocation of funds on the City of Garland 2019 Bond Program page. For Parks & Recreation Projects, look for Proposition D and that will give you the entire list of Parks & Recreation projects.

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